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Jica Project Brief - Profile


Project Title Project for Formulating a Strategic Model for Quality/Productivity Improvement through Strengthening Business Development Service (BDS) for MSEs (Micro and Small Enterprises)
Duration March 2012 – March 2015 (3 years and a month)
Beneficiaries <Direct Beneficiaries>
  • National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) Headquarters and Ashanti Regional Office
  • Business Advisory Centres (BACs) in Ashanti Region
  • Active client Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) of BACs in Ashanti Region
<Indirect Beneficiaries>
  • MSEs in Ashanti Region
  • Related organizations concerning Business Development Service (BDS) for MSEs in Ashanti Region
  • District / Municipal / Metropolitan Assemblies of Ashanti Region
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry
Project Area Ashanti Region, Ghana

1. Background
In Ghana, 98.5% of manufacturing sector is dominated by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Thus promotion and development of MSMEs is important for the national and economic development of Ghana. Against this background, National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) has established Business Advisory Centers (BACs) to promote MSMEs. To respond the explicit and implicit needs of the MSEs, it is needed to further enhance capacity of the BAC staff. Furthermore, many MSEs showed high level of interest in Japanese “KAIZEN”* method and its positive results which were conducted at previous JICA project. Based on the above background, NBSSI requested the Government of Japan to implement the Project to strengthen capacity of BAC staff by introducing KAIZEN methods in Ashanti Region as a pilot. * KAIZEN is the philosophy / concept / methodology of continuous improvement of quality and productivity.

2. Objective
The objective of the Project is to sustainably develop the capacity of the BACs in the Ashanti Region in the provision and facilitation of BDS including KAIZEN. Subsequently, it will be replicated in the other nine regions of Ghana. 

3. Description
The Project has three components.
1) Capacity of NBSSI Ashanti Regional Office to continuously enhance the capacities of BACs to provide / facilitate BDS is developed.
2) Capacity of BAC staff in Ashanti Region to provide / facilitate BDS including KAIZEN related BDS is enhanced.
3) The tools to be utilized in the expansion of the “Strategic Model”* established in Ashanti Region to whole country are in place. * Strategic Model is the practice / framework of sustainable capacity development of BACs’ BDS provision / facilitation which is established in Ashanti Region through the Project.

4. Project Brief
Download our Project Brief brochure from here.


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