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National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) launched the National KAIZEN Project in October 2015 and the Project continues till December, 2018. Forty-Six (46) Business Advisory Centre (BAC) Heads in the target Regions received intensive training in Japanese KAIZEN methodology.
KAIZEN is a Japanese word: KAI means change and ZEN means better. KAIZEN is a philosophy, a key for Japanese industrial development and applied techniques, for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises touching on the cultural and management style of businesses leading to short-term benefits and long-term growth. Pilot BAC Heads have been trained in Ashanti, Northern and Brong Ahafo Regions under the supervision of Japanese Experts. The training comprises lecture and On-the-Job Training (OJT) of KAIZEN implementation at the selected Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).
NBSSI is launching the KAIZEN Programme for One Hundred (100) businesses in the target regions to enhance quality and productivity of MSMEs with supports from JICA National KAIZEN Project.

Target Businesses

  • Be a registered Company/Enterprise (Registration with Registrar General's Department)
  • Willingness to commit resources to implement recommended KAIZEN improvement activities.
  • Willingness to disclose business information.
  • Demonstration of owner's commitment to participate in the KAIZEN activities.
  • Indications that the Company/Enterprise will be in active production during KAIZEN implementation.
  • Willingness to disclose information on Finance, Human Resource Development, Marketing, Production,
  • Strength and Weakness and any other business information required by the experts to support process.
  • Women-owned business is a plus
  • Number of employees not less than 20
  • Active client of NBSSI Business Advisory Centers (BACs)
  • Proper books and records keeping
  • An enterprise that has the potential to grow

Provided Business Development Services

  • Enterprise Diagnosis
Trolltunga Norway The Enterprise Diagnosis is a method to understand an enterprise’ current status and identify challenges as well as to provide recommendation to solve the challenges found and further improvement of an enterprise. ¬†NBSSI visits an enterprise to examine enterprise’s overall current business and collect necessary data for analysis. Based on the findings, NBSSI recommends an enterprise on solutions including KAIZEN activities to improve the productivity and quality. The duration is approximately two (2) weeks.
  • KAIZENTrolltunga Norway

NBSSI guides an enterprise to implement KAIZEN which recommended throughEnterprise Diagnosis. The characteristics of KAIZEN is based on the following approaches.
Small Improvements: by simple and clear steps and eventually the aggregation will lead to a big fruit of the improved productivity and quality
Teamwork: Workers are key to do actions for improvement, and the committees and units to facilitate the activities are set out for a team
Bottom up: the problems lies in the workplace, products, and processes so that solutions come from the bottom and on site
Continuity: efforts to sustain and system to maintain the movement is important as things always turn out to be messy if left.
The duration of KAIZEN implementation is approximately ten (10) working days in a month

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deliver the Application Form to NBSSI Regional Office by 31st October 2017.

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