BACs Good Practices

Good Practice from Obuasi BAC

NIMDEE PALM OIL AND TRADING ENTERPRISE was established in 1999 with an amount of GHS 2,000. The Company now has a total number of six (6) employees and a number of machines for production. The company is located at Diawuoso. Obuasi in Ashanti Region. The company specializes in the production of palm oil.

□ Interventions (activities) at the time of training (Summarized part of Corporate Diagnosis /Kaizen report) (5 S committee established , visualization of management matters, Lead time reduction, layout change, specific Kaizen activities) 
(1) Improvement in marketing and sales
(2) Promotion of 5S
(3) Product quality improvement
(4) Improvement in accounting records keeping
(5) Visual control management
(6) Total machine maintenance(TMM)
(7) Inventory control
(8) Kaizen of transportation

□ Major recommendations (Summarized part of Corporate Diagnosis/Kaizen report)
1. The company’s mission and vision statement should be made known to all employees and displayed at various locations within the company.
2. The factory’s work standards should be developed and displayed.
3. The company should come out with a good complaints and suggestion system to access complaints and suggestions of employees.
4.  The company should improve its welfare packages and other motivational schemes for workers.

□ Achievements at the time of intervention

Factory Machinery:
Before 5S activity, the factory machineries were full of dirt and had not been painted for the past five years. After improvement, they were cleaned and painted and now they look very neat.

□ Follow up achievements and impacts with its own initiatives  

Through factory’s initiative, sand ovens with chimney were constructed by the owner of the factory to reduce the intensity of heat on their health and the inhalation of smoke during their operations.
Training in records keeping was also conducted for the entire workers during improvement activities. After improvement, the owner is now in the best position to keep records on his day to day transactions.

□ Noticeable changes in the performance, internal environments
-The factory floor has been cemented.
-Visual control management is perfect.
-The company’s hygiene is improving progressively.
-The vision and mission statement of the company is well communicated to all workers.
-Price of zomi oil has been increased from GHS 6 to GHS 8 due to improvement in quality and increased in demand.
-Productivity has been increased by 10%.
-Owner can now keep basic records on his daily transactions.

□ Summary of the good practices: It is stated that the company can be referred to as good practice company in these aspects as :
a) Technical
b) Management
c) Productivity and quality improvement methodology.

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