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Good Practice from Ejisu BAC

Wiafe Furniture Company Ltd. was established in 1979 by Mr. George Gyanhene Wiafe and Mr. Joseph Wiafe. The company has a well-equipped factory with a showroom to showcase furniture which they produced. The company’s factory is located at Fumesua a suburb of Kumasi; along Kumasi-Accra road in the Ashanti Region. The enterprise has a total number of twenty-six (26) workers of which five (5) are females and twenty-one (21) are males. The company produces high quality wood products such as kitchen cabinets, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, bookshelves, desks and wardrobe. The enterprise’s customers are mostly middle to high income customers.
The following were some of the activities selected and implemented during the  9-week On-the-Job Training (OJT).
Planning of Worker Training Programme
Promotion of 5S
Code of Conduct
Work Standard
Set-in-Order, Stabilizing or Straightening Out (Seiton)

For the smooth implementation of 5S and waste reduction activities, lectures were conducted on 6th June, 2014. Following are some of the lecture pictures. Concept and methodology were explained.

Sorting (Seiri)
After the recommendation provided by the project team, the enterprise workers voluntary carried out Sorting (Seiri) Activities. At the Sorting Activities, unnecessary items and items not in use for many periods have been removed and discarded or given way.

Planning of Worker Training Program
A skill map for all the enterprise workers was created to identify each worker’s current skills and ability. Using skill map, the management team can plan in-house capacity building program for each worker, since the skill map indicate worker’s strength, weakness and needed skills to be developed.

Promotion of 5S
Lecture on 5S Activities and Waste Reduction
Set-in-order (Seiton) activities are the next activity of the 5S, after the sorting activity is implemented. There are several Set-in-order activities exist, such as floor separation by line painting, visualization, preparation of seiton board, and rearrangement of stored good.
During the implementation phase, visualization (name plate), floor separation (paint) and seiton board were prepared with support of enterprise workers.

Code of Conduct
The project team prepared code of conduct for the pilot enterprise. In the code of conducts, Do’s and Don’ts”, were stated and displayed at the factory. The code of conduct was posted in several locations in the factory for all staff and visitors.

Work Standard
With discussion with management team, the project team prepared work standard for the enterprise. In the work standard, production activities including instructions on how to start a day’s work and appropriate operation methods of the machines were stated.

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