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Animounyam Nka Nyame Filtered water is a enterprise established on the 6th of June 2011 by the founder Mr. Osei Bonsu. The owner before starting the water enterprise was a Transporter and a Kente and Adinkra weaver. The enterprise is located at Ntonso in the Kwabre East District. The enterprise specializes in the production of sachets water named “Paulina Drinking water”. The enterprise has a total workforce of eighteen (18) all working on full time basis.

The following were some of the activities actually implemented during the 9-week OJT.

5S committee and the activities implemented
Proper records keeping
Food Hygiene
Inventory Control (Visualization)
Vision and Mission statement
Line Balancing

5S committee and the activities implemented
A 5S lecture was presented to the workers and the 5S committee was set up to implement the activities. The recommended areas were identified and the 5S activity carried out accordingly.

Food Hygiene
Zoning of the production area was done to indicate the clean and unclean zone. This will help the enterprise to operate in a more hygienic condition. The enterprise provided a liquid soap, a sanitizer and a paper towel at the entrance of the production room for the workers to wash and sanitise their hands before actual production starts. The enterprise also prepared a shoe rack to separate production shoes from outside shoes and this is to prevent the carrying of dirt into the production area.

Inventory control
The inventory control was not properly managed and they order for new rolls and filters more than it is required. The project team introduced the inventory control level (minimum level) to the enterprise to avoid shortage of raw materials and also for effective management of its inventory.

Vision and Mission statement
The enterprise mission and vision was not documented but with the help the project it is now documented and displayed at the work area.

Some further recommendations were also made to the enterprise to help improve their activities.


Below are pictures of some activities implemented during the project.

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