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Name of BAC

Ejisu-Juaben BAC

Services offered by the BAC:  
  • Offer Counseling and Advisory services on issues that will make Entrepreneurs of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) run their Enterprises effectively and efficiently.
  • Organize training programmes/workshops for MSE’s on the following:
  • Technical Training Workshops
  • Business Management Workshops
  • Group Dynamics, Leadership and Development Workshops
  • Start Your Business (SYB) Workshops
  • Entrepreneurship Seminars
  • Facilitate MSEs Study Tour
  • Facilitate business registration for SMEs
Conduct site inspection at MSEs production environment for onward approval by Standard Board.
Message by the BAC Head Mr. Eric Oti Nyarko

National Board for Small scale Industries (NBSSI) is a constitutionally mandated body under the Ministry of Trade and Industry to ensure the growth and development of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in the country.

The Board has offices in the metropolitans and most of the municipal and districts assemblies (MMDAs) throughout the country. The offices at MMDAs are called Business Advisory Centres (BACs). Ashanti Region has twenty (20) BACs in the MMDAs and there plans to establish more BACs in the other districts.

The services the BACs offer have been indicated above and a lot of MSEs have benefited from the Board through the activities of the BACs. The Rural Enterprises Project (REP) now Rural Enterprise Programme has been implemented at the municipal and district assemblies through some Business Advisory Centres (BACs) throughout the country. A lot of MSEs have experienced growth and expansion of their enterprises. Again, the unemployed had also acquired entrepreneurial skills to establish enterprises that have made them gainfully employed.

The Ejisu-Juaben Business Advisory Centre (BAC) had offered tremendous services to the MSEs in the since the establishment of the office and it is continuously offering those services for the growth of MSEs in the municipality. In this regards, the BAC Head at Ejisu is encouraging all clients to continue patronize the services of the centre for further growth of their enterprises and also entreat prospective clients to do same to experience growth of their enterprises.
On this note, I wish my colleagues BAC Heads well in executing their duties and also success to all MSEs Entrepreneurs throughout the country especially those in the Ejisu-Juaben municipality in running their enterprises.

Thank you.

Location of BAC

Ejisu-Juaben Municipal Assembly Block, Ejisu. Next to the Electoral Commissions’ Office

Postal address:

NBSSI- Business Advisory Centre (BAC)
Ejisu-Juaben Municipal Assembly
P. O. Box 1, Ejisu-Ashanti



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