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Services offered by the BAC:  
  • The services offered by Akumadan BAC includes;

    • Provision of business development Services
    • Marketing
    • Quality improvement in palm oil and kennel, cassava processing and soap making
    • Business planning and incubation
    • Records management and budgeting
    • Taxation customer care
    • Batik tie and dye
    • Rabbitary and grasscutter rearing
    • Bee keeping
    • Pito brewery
    • Formation of business associations
    • Business plan and proposals preparation
    • Market linkages
    • Facilitate business registration
    • Facilitate certification of MSEs
    • Entrepreneurial development and orientation  seminars
    • Enterprises diagnoses
    • Advisory and counseling services
    • Facilitation of access to credit
    • Management consulting    

    The BAC will continue to provide the above services and introduce new training programmes that address the specific needs of the clients. 

Message by the BAC Head Mr. Dari Kipo

Offinso North District’s economy is predominantly agricultural and agro-processing dominates the MSEs sub-sector. Focus and conscious efforts are made by the Assembly to use the growth of MSEs to stimulate growth in the district especially agricultural sector that employs 68.6% of the labour force by providing ready market for agricultural produce.

Micro and Small entrepreneurs in the district are committed and willing to adapt and adopt good management and technical skills to improve productivity. They are dedicated to their values and principles of their enterprises and purely driven by profit motives. The willingness of the district assembly to support the sector creates a conducive environment for these MSEs to thrive.  

Akumadan BAC is therefore dedicated to continuing providing Business Management, Quality Assurance, Business Competitiveness and Continuous Improvement programmes to unlock the numerous challenges of Micro and Small Scale Industries in the District. The four year on the job experience and other projects further empowers the BAC head as a holder of B.A. in Development Studies to improve service delivery.

The BAC has over the past years organized an average of 1.2 programmes per month by leveraging resources to support that course. The commitment of the BAC head to professionalism, passion for MSEs development and managerial and administrative efficiency has enabled the successful enrolment of the BAC into the Rural Enterprises Programme. Effective collaborations are also established with other stakeholders especially the Offinso North District Assembly and other projects such as RTIMP and JICA-BDS project to promote MSEs in the district.

The vision of Akumadan BAC is to promote the competitiveness of Offinso North District MSEs beyond the frontiers of district, regional and national boarders through the application of KAIZEN and other management and technical techniques.  Pace, Passion, and Professionalism would drive the BAC to achieve this vision.
Location of BAC

The BAC is located at the Offinso North District Assemble block annex near Akumadan Senior High School and adjacent the community’s FM station and ICT Centre

Postal address:

P. O. Box 25, Akumadan-Ashanti



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